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What are the Videography Package details?

VIDEOGRAPHY PACKAGE - $2,500 (No Hidden Fees)

A travel fee may apply for non-Lexington/Louisville Area weddings. 

  • Highlight Video (4-5 min.)
  • Ceremony Video (up to 30 min.)
  • Reception Video - Entrances, Speeches, First Dances, Cake, etc. (usually around 40 min.)
  • 10 Hours of Wedding Day Coverage (additional fees for staying after 11 p.m.)
  • 2 Videographers
  • 4-5 Week Turnaround Time (this is our average)
  • Digital Copies of All Videos Sent Online
  • 50% "Save the Date" Deposit (Non-Refundable)
  • Perpetual License to Republish All Videos for Personal Use
  • 2 Revision Sessions (if needed - to change out shots, music, etc. before releasing)

ADDITIONS - (not currently included)

  • $100 - Full Ceremony Video (up to 60 min)
  • $200 - ASAP Delivery (1-week turnaround)
  • $200 - Additional Hour of Coverage (not available after 12am)
  • $300 - Engagement Photo Session (1 hour)

SUBTRACTIONS - (Usually not available for Saturday Weddings or Photo + Video Packages)

  • - $100  8 Hours of Coverage
  • - $100  Shorter Highlight Video (2-3 Min) and Reduced Music Selection

The below options will most likely be available to purchase for up to 1 month after purchased wedding video delivery.

  • - $200  Omit Highlight Video
  • - $100  Omit Reception Video
  • - $100  Omit Ceremony Video


What are the Photo + Video Package details?

Photography for the Photo + Video package is created by the amazing photographers at HONEST PHOTO CO.  You can view their beautiful work HEREVideography is produced by us! (i.e. White Owl Weddings)

A travel fee may apply for non-Lexington / Louisville Area weddings.  No Hidden Fees.

THE INTIMATE WEDDING - $4,000 (Usually not available for Saturday weddings)

  • 7 Hours of Video + 6 Hours of Photo on Wedding Day
  • 1 Hour Engagement Session (Photo)
  • 240+ Images from Wedding Day
  • Highlight Video (4-5 min.)
  • Ceremony Video (up to 30 min.)
  • Reception Video (up to 40 min.
  • 2 Videographers + 2 Photographers
  • 50% Deposit (Non-Refundable)

THE FULL DAY - $5,000  

  • All of the Above!
  • 10 Hours of Video + 8 Hours of Photo on Wedding Day
  • 320+ Images from Wedding Day

THE WORKS - $6,000

  • All of the Above!
  • 10 Hours of Video + 10 Hours of Photo on Wedding Day
  • 2 Minute Engagement Announcement Video ($500 Value)!
  • 400+ Images from Wedding Day


When will we get to see our Highlight video?

Our average turnaround time is 4-5 weeks!  ASAP Delivery (1 week turnaround) can be added on for $200.  

We are just as excited as you to watch the finished products!  However, on rare occasions, our turnaround time can take around 10 weeks due to unforeseen circumstances.


Who are the actual videographers?

Zack Conkle and Kristiana Clark are the videographers for each wedding.  In rare, emergency circumstances, one of us may be replaced.  


What are the Ceremony and Reception Videos?

Basically everything we capture! 

We edit these in chronological order to the natural audio of the scenes - meaning your first dance song will be heard while watching your first dance!  For these videos, we do not have any music underlay like with the Highlight Video.

The Ceremony Video usually includes everything from the processional to the recessional.  The Reception Video usually includes entrances, speeches, first dances, cake cutting, bouquet toss, garter toss, surprise dances, anniversary dances, guests dancing and send-offs! 


Can we add a Prep Video?

If we have captured any letter exchanges or first looks with your fiance, parents and/or bridesmaids, we will usually include this in a separate video free of charge!


How does the music selection work for the Highlight Video?

For the Highlight Video, we legally license all of our music!  This is so your video is not flagged or taken down from websites due to copyright infringement.

Regarding the music selection, as we are editing we will base our initial music selection on the moments that we've captured as well as the vibe we get from you as a couple!  If you watch it and prefer something else, you will definitely have the opportunity to change it before releasing!  

Most times the specific songs requested from couples are not available, but it is still really helpful to know just in case they are.  Often times our couples are actually pleasantly surprised by a song they both like and have never heard before!    


Will we be able to revise the Highlight video?

Yes!  We offer 2 revision sessions before releasing to remove/add shots, change music, correct misspellings, etc.  All we really ask is to keep it around 4-5 minutes.


Will we be able to revise the Ceremony and Reception Videos?

Due to their long length, we are unable to revise these.  Unless we've made a significant mistake during editing (un-synced audio, missing a speech, etc.), these videos are final upon delivery.  They are pretty much all of our raw footage from these portions of the day usually in chronological order.  


When will you arrive and depart?

Our arrival time is usually about an hour before the bride gets into her dress to capture the rings, shoes and dress.  Our departure time is at 11pm or after 10 hours of coverage - whichever comes first.  


What if I need coverage past 11pm for my send-off?

If you are in need of us staying until 12am, 1 additional hour of coverage can be added on for $200. 

To save a little money, we recommend having a "mock sendoff" earlier in the night and then returning to your reception.  We especially recommend this for sparkler exits since many guests are highly intoxicated by the end of the night which can lead to injury of other guests, vendors and couple.  Another potential benefit is that it gives the photographers and videographers the opportunity to capture it twice for guests usually enjoy watching it again.


How do I reserve my wedding date?

Once we have confirmed our availability through your submission form, the next steps are to e-sign our online agreement form and send your 50% deposit.  Both are required to complete the reservation.  


What methods of payment do you accept?

Currently, we only accept checks and/or money orders.


When are payments due?

The 50% deposit is due within 30 days of e-signing our online agreement form.  The second is due on the day of the wedding or during the weeks leading up to it - whichever you are most comfortable with!


Do you have other vendor recommendations?

Yes!  We have a list of wonderful DJs and Photographers we've loved working with!  They are a combination of talented and super friendly!  In hopes of being able to work with them again, we send these to each of our couples upon completion of the booking process! 


What is the fastest way to get in contact with White Owl Weddings?

The submission form on our Contact page!   


Will I be able to make copies of our videos?

Yes!  You are welcome to share with all your friends and family!  The online link we send you (via Dropbox) will allow you to download your video files to your devices, computers and hard drives!  You can also send this link to your family so they can download them as well!  We highly recommend saving these on both your computer and in the cloud.

While we do retain the copyrights to all content created, we do provide you with a perpetual license to republish/reproduce all content created on your wedding day for personal use only.  


Do you offer DVDs?

Unfortunately, we do not offer DVDs - However!  You are more than welcome to make as many as you’d like (for non-commercial use only) with the final video files we send via Dropbox!  If you're unable to make DVDs, we highly recommend looking into Google ChromeCast so you can wirelessly play them from your computer or connecting your computer screen to your TV using an HDMI cord.